Emergent Complexity

Welcome to the Emergent Complexity blog. I intend to write about my interests, ranging from politics to science to religion, and anything else that catches my imagination. I hope you will find it of interest.

About the Name

Emergent complexity is the process by which a collection of simple components, when joined together, for a more complex higher order system.

Examples of this phenomenon are quite diverse and interesting. They range from the behaviour of flocks of birds, the composition of eukaryotic cells and multicellular organisms, and our preoccupation with teams composed of misfits succeeding against all odds.

As the components comprising the higher-order system create a better life for themselves, they decrease in complexity. They become more and more dependent on the organization around them. Mitochondria in a eukaryotic cell are simply bacteria that can no-longer live on their own. The cells in our bodies look atrophied, and hyper-specialized compared to their more robust protist cousins. When they are told to divide, they divide. When they are told to die, they die.

So what happens when humans incorporate into a system of ever widening control, that presumes to care for their every need and attempts to assert control over progressively broader portions of their lives? Let’s find out.