I thought that the current interesting topics are a good excuse to come off of my long hiatus. Particularly the controversy surrounding Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin. While I was irritated at his comments, they did ring a bell in the form of a concept I learned from my Psych 101 class.

During the description of the sequence events that occur leading up to and during the female orgasm, the professor described how the uterus contracts, mentioning that this was to draw the semen into the uterus and increase the likelihood of conception. A fact that floated at the surface of my mind until after the test, whereupon it sunk into a dark corner of my mind, waiting to spring forth as an interesting and inappropriate bit of trivia upon an unsuspecting public.

I did a trivial search on the subject of “female orgasm uterus contracts” and came across this article on sperm retention theory. Indeed, one of the prominent explanations for the female orgasm is that it makes it more likely to conceive a child with a preferred partner. In a species that has leanings towards rape, this would be a useful tool in the female’s arsenal. Score one for the Puritans and the inept congressman.

What can we learn from this? There are no winners here! At best, Mr. Akin mumbled a half-remembered anecdote that he never bothered to understand. Fire him. Women are not educated enough about their own bodies to even be aware of this super power they possess. Put them under Obamacare, they are clearly not competent to make their own healthcare decisions. No one in the media has thought to do a Google search to find out if there is anything behind Mr. Akin’s statements besides the typical ignorant ramblings of a politician. Hire an intern or something, jeeze.