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While perusing blogs after my last post, I came across this interesting piece. It was a fairly good commentary on the positive aspects of the Anonymous movement, but buried in it was a link to an article on a left-wing website about an egregious anti-protest bill that had just passed congress which makes it a felony to enter any area the Secret Service declares “restricted”. I was surprised I had not seen it elsewhere on the web, but it soon turned up here on a right-wing website as a warning from a former Secret Service agent. How could a bill such as this one – odious to both sides of the recognized political spectrum – sail through both the house and senate with only three dissenting votes?

I would suggest the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is not that the Occupy movement was seen as a threat to the government, but that it was seen as an opportunity. They had no unified message, and their methods were such as to not garner them any sympathy. I remember listening to Dave Ramsey as he took their calls on his financial counselling show. He listened to each caller as they explained why they supported Occupy Wall Street. Each had a different reason, and none of the reasons matched up with the statement on the OWS website. They were a disorganized mob of protesters, thrown together and encouraged by the government to ease the passage of legislation to take away our freedom of speech and to assemble.

So now we are put into a bind. According to the loathsome Eric Holder, we have no reasonable expectation of privacy for our emails and cell phones, and the government can kill us without trial (or even consulting a court) as long as we are not in the country. The Defence Authorization Act allows the government to indefinitely detain citizens who are inside the country. SOPA and PIPA were the first, faltering steps toward control of the internet. It is starting to appear that the government – in an admirable bi-partisan effort – is cobbling together the low-level components of a police state, with OWS and Anonymous as the impetus.

So, what is to be done? In our current state, we have been carefully divided into opposing camps. Our goals and methods for achieving them have been purposefully scattered and debased to ensure that there is nothing to rally behind. We are scattered and harassed from all directions. From our enemy’s methods, we know what he fears. He fears that when people come together from the right and left, they will find common ground in defending the freedoms that are being taken from us. He fears that we will put aside the meaningless controversies that are designed to incite racial and religious bigotry, and come together peacefully and firmly in opposition to this power-grab. The government must take us on piecemeal. If they cannot, then we win. Go team!

Have you ever had the impression that the government is a bit more complex than it needs to be to do the job originally asked of it? Take the graduated income tax, for example. If we had a flat tax, we could be doing our income taxes on the back of an envelope and be done with it. No deductions, no audits. The government wouldn’t loose any money, more people would be employed. The accountants could do something more fulfilling, perhaps helping all those employed people to not be dependent on Social Insecurity in retirement. The really good ones can become one of Dave Ramsey’s investment ELPs.

I have the unsettling feeling today that we are caught between two unsavoury forces.  On the one side are the parasitic moochers, who have finally ascertained that they can sell their votes to simplify their lives.  On the other side are those in government willing to buy the votes, and create a complex system to control the sellers.

In the end, people are searching for ultimate safety and stability, so they work to transform the government into the perfect host.  The government looks for the same stability, and attempts to control the masses. This leads to a bad place.

A people must impose parsimony on their government and allow a bit of complexity to creep into their lives, or complexity will creep into their government which then will impose the parsimony on the people’s lives.